The Secret Life of Floral Waters

Most cultures testify to its glorious qualities and health benefits for the mind and body, yet not many people know the full wonders of this amazing beauty secret. Mild to the touch, pleasant to the senses, yet powerful to the skin, floral waters play an integral role in the quest for beautiful skin.

Floral waters can be used as toners, to deeply hydrate and nourish tired, dull skin. Also floral waters are great for cleansing the surface of the skin as part of your day to day skin ritual. Each type of floral water presents its own unique benefits to the skin.

Rose floral water contains powerful properties that act as a gentle moisturiser for sensitive prone skin. Another great virtue of Rose floral water is that it assists in maintaining the skin's pH balance while controlling the secretion of excess oil- great for problematic/acne prone skin.

Lavender floral water acts as a natural anti- inflammatory and antiseptic for the skin. Much research has gone into the properties of this amazing floral water to reveal its superior ability to heal wounded skin and improve the healing process of scar tissue. Lavender floral water can also be applied to blemishes to assist with the healing process. Another great quality of Lavender floral water is that it can help reduce the impact of stressed, damaged skin caused by day to day irritants such as pollution.

Last, but not least is Neroli floral water. A true gift from mother nature, Neroli floral water is great for calming tired, blotchy as well as red skin with its ultra vitamin rich properties. Another important fact to note is that Neroli floral water soothes even the most sensitive of skins. The natural antioxidants in Neroli floral water help clean the skin, brighten the complexion while helping in the fight against aging skin!

Whether floral waters are used for toning or healing the skin, they contain some amazing aromatherapy qualities that calm the mind and indulge the senses.

Our Floral Aqua Range- available under 'Hair & Beauty' in the 'Face' section are also great for setting makeup!

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